Charlotte Refinishing Services

Standard Bathtubs

We specialize in the refinishing of standard household bathtubs, and we've done thousands of them.

Over the years a tub's finish and shine will naturally deteriorate, and if a tub has lacked in cleaning and care, it's condition may even be worse than average. With the proper prep work, etching and primer, our final spray will return the worst of tubs to like-new status and ready to last for years!

Tub and Fiberglass Surround

Many of our jobs are not only standard tubs, they are full fiberglass tub and shower surrounds.  If your fiberglass tub and shower is in need of a fresh finish, our two-part high solids urethane paint will return your it to like-new status!

Leg Tubs

We offer complete refurbishments of antique leg tubs and can make your leg tub look new again via a heavy dose of prep work - including sanding, fiberglassing chips and scratches and repairing rust or damage - before primer and finishing. If your leg tub is outside of a household, we need to have a heated room with access to work around the tub.

Garden Tubs (with or without Shower)

Garden tub jobs, with or without an attached shower unit, can be our most time-consuming jobs, but when we're finished, it's well work the extra work and effort! Units the size of what's pictured may take a full day or more to complete.  Since we've been in business, we've successfully refinished simple garden tubs and the most uncommon, complex layouts and large units.


We've refinished many sinks and similar to tubs, sink refinishing jobs take approximately a half day's time and sometimes more depending on the sink's size and condition. We're also experienced in refinishing antique pedestal sinks.

Click here to see a before/after of a sink job!

Full Tile and Shower Units

While not as common as tubs, we have completed a number of full tile and shower unit jobs over the years. Prep work and refinish time is about the same as a regular tub job (approximately half a day) and like all our work, your shower will shine like it hasn't in years once we're finished!

Shower Bases

Have your old shower base looking brand new in a matter of hours!

You'll be amazed at the difference with our fresh refinishing and caulking.