Frequently Asked Questions about the Tub Refinishing Process

Here are some of the most common questions we receive...

How long does it take to have my tub refinished?

A normal size tub takes about 4-5 hours from start to finish. I expect the area to be as free of objects as possible before I start. I protect the area with plastic and/or paper masking materials.

How long will the new finish last?

By following the care recommendations your tub should last for 10-plus years!

Will the finish peel?

I use only the best-proven refinishing materials and perform meticulous preparation steps with years of experience in refinishing to provide a surface that will not peel with proper care. Leaving a bathmat down will most likely eventually make the surface peel; it’s the main cause of any failure. I can provide a textured finish on the bottom of the tub for a more non-slip surface at an extra charge of normally $25.00

Are there bad odors?

During the spraying process I use a powerful industrial exhaust fan to remove fumes from the bathroom. If the bathroom doesn’t have a window I can exhaust out a near by window with an extension hose. There may be some odors after.

If I'm remodeling my bathroom, what should I do first?

New tiling over the tub, new surround or painting above the tub would be best to do first before refinishing your tub to prevent any damage to your newly refinished tub. New flooring could be done before or after. If you’re putting in new tile or a surround it’s good to leave out the caulking between the tub and wall surface till after the tub is refinished.

What should I do with shower doors?

If you’re going to keep using the same shower doors I can tape up the track and spray around it. If you plan to purchase new doors, have the old track and doors off before I refinish then install the new track and doors after the surface cures.